Matanuska Glacier Tour


3 Hour Tour



+ Glacier Entrance Fee

Adventure Level
Very Easy
Glacier Tours (EASY)

These are short walks with crampons on your boots. Adjusting to walking with these devices takes focus on foot placement and a conscious effort to not trip. It’s learned very quickly by most participants. The guide adjusts the route and speed for the slowest and least athletic individual.

Reservation Minimum
2 People
Hicks Creek Facility

38100 W Glenn Highway, Glacier View, AK 99674 *Mile 96

May 25 – September 20, 2021
age Limit
AGES 9 – 70
Language Requirement
Max. Size/Weight/Height
250 Lbs, and 6 Ft. 6 Inches, Girth 50 Inches
Min. Shoe Size
5 US Men/ 7 US Women

(to fit our provided boots and gear properly.)

Check-in Time
9:30am and 2:30pm

Approximately 2+ Hours on the glacier and 3+ Hours total.


Groups of 10 or more people recieve (10+) Discount of 10% off. Local Alaskans with proof of State issued ID at tour check-in receive a 10% single discount off the individual tour price.

Make it a COMBO: Add a whitewater rafting trip and save $20 per person on your second tour! This glacier tour is located in the same area of Alaska as our ‘Lionshead’ rafting tour, great for same day combos.


It’s not every day one can take a leisurely hike along the base of a 26-mile long advancing valley glacier. See the wonder and marvel of one of Alaska’s most accessible glaciers by foot with NOVA’s popular Glacier Tour. You’ll be outfitted with the necessary gear and transported by vehicle to the glacier terminus at the front of the park. Our experienced guides will inform and guide you through the rock fields of the large terminal moraine and on to the impressive ‘Ice Falls’ area of the Matanuska Glacier. This expanse of dense glacier ice naturally falls over the submerged rock deposit underneath it and reflects back up, creating jagged upward spire formations otherwise known as seracs. There is a small lake at the front of the ‘Ice Falls’ that is the creation point for the water that feeds a powerful river just downstream. Along the way, there are constant views and evolving glacier features to check out. Erratics, flowing moulins and deep crevasses of this glacier create an ever evolving landscape with active geology all around. This is a fantastic tour for families or groups with mixed abilities and comforts.

Depending on the group’s abilities, fitness and relationship. The Glacier Tour is usually a 1:6 guide-to-client ratio, with multiple guides on larger tours. This is an easy rudimentary walk/hike with basic variable glacier terrain and features such as slippery rocks and ice. For those wanting more of a challenge on the glacier, check out our ‘Adventure Trek’ tour. Be sure to bring your water bottle to fill and drink some Glacier water! Along with a camera, jacket and sunglasses!

NOVA provides all glacier tours and equipment based on your physical abilities, condition and desire to walk or hike. See below for details on equipment.

For all ages, seniors and children minimum age of 9 years or older:

NOVA has small metal chain link traction devices called ‘creepers’ that can also be used with your own (above ankle support) rigid sole hiking boots by attaching to the bottom with rubber. We can provide groups with hiking boots for those without them.


  • Waterways and weather can sometimes be cold in Alaska. Please, dress appropriately or bring along some warm synthetic layers and socks for your tour comfort. Cotton layers are not preferred in cold environments or when wet. This is Alaska.
  • Please bring a raincoat and your own warm comfortable layers for out on the ice. Once you are traveling on the glacier, restroom breaks are difficult to accommodate, please consider facilities pre-trip.

38100 W Glenn Highway, Glacier View, AK 99674

Located 96 miles north of Anchorage, this is the staging area for all Matanuska glacier and river trips.

*GLACIER PARK Entrance fee

Matanuska Glacier Park is privately owned and charges per person every time you go through the gate; Alaska State passes do not apply. Regular 2021 entry fee at gate is $30 per person; but NOVA clientele receive a discounted rate, which is added to the cost of your tour. This outfit has a NO DRONE policy in place for the glacier.

  • Child <13: $10
  • Teens (13-16): $15
  • Adults (18+): $25
  • Alaska Residents, Military and Seniors (65+): $20
  • NOVA is an advocate and steward for keeping wild places in Alaska wild. Please follow responsible travel and ‘leave no trace’ ethics when visiting these amazing places.
  • NOVA tours operate regardless of most weather conditions, we go rain or shine in Alaska.
    Glaciers and weather can sometimes be cold in Alaska. Please, dress appropriately or bring along a raincoat with warm synthetic layers and socks for your tour comfort. Cotton layers are not preferred in cold environments or when wet.
  • NOVA does not offer any tours that travel through or under ice caves in the warm summer months.
  • Glaciers are very active in summer and caves are unsafe and should be avoided for potential cave collapse. Caves are not always present or accessible and should only be approached with caution, preferably in winter when they are the most stable.
  • Once you are traveling on the glacier, restroom breaks are difficult to accommodate so please consider facilities pre-trip.
Inherent Risks

There are inherent risks associated with glacier travel and outdoor activities that everyone must accept and understand. Variable terrain, sharp rocks, slippery ice, and changing weather are common. Some safety hazards will always exist and are beyond human control. Such as major cleaving and shifting, falling ceracs, open crevasses and draining moulins can be dangerous and deadly. Rescue in these environments and features is not only technical and difficult but in some cases not possible at all. Safety standards are in place for these reasons and must be followed. Guides manage risk by interpreting terrain and recognizing hazards that average hikers and guests are unaware of. Many traveling on the ice have a false sense of security because of the friendly inviting nature of the glacier and its moraines. Individuals traveling on the glacier without guides should possess the proper knowledge, experience, and equipment.

**All participants on all our tours must follow our guidelines, procedures and sign a waiver. Only parents or legal guardians may sign for youth minors. We do not allow infants on our tours. We do not allow pets on our tours.

You may preview or pre-sign our waiver document, by clicking here.

COvid-19 Update

Please bring your personal face mask for tour office check-in and vehicle transport. We do require Social Distancing to the best of your groups ability, when possible. Try to build reservations and bookings as one household to minimize exposure, if possible. Consent may be gained or required to mix with other non-household members during tours unless PRIVATE tour is booked. For more questions contact our office.

*You are not required to wear your mask during the trip on the Glacier.

Matanuska Glacier Tour

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Rave Reviews


We had a very pleasant and informative hike with Mattie and Carson on the Matanuska glacier. The glacier was awe-inspiring and made more interesting by the information provided by our Nova Guides. Taking a guided hike to the glacier is definitely the way to see it!

Gregory M.  | Trip date: July 2020

We loved our 3-hour glacier hike with the amazing guide, Maddie. We had the glacier to ourselves as we were the only group out on the glacier at 7 PM. Maddie shared interesting facts about the glacier, taking us to different parts. The ice cave was definitely a surprise and highlight of our trip. Highly recommended when in Alaska!

Race | Trip date: July 2019

Best ever! Arnie and Maddie were beyond fantastic; experienced, knowledgeable, and fun. We hiked further into the glacier than expected and saw amazing views, while learning and laughing! Highly recommend!

Flynn T.  | Trip date:  September 2020