Guided Ice Climb


Guided Ice Climb



+ Glacier Entrance Fee

Adventure Level

These are instructional and the strength and athleticism of the individual will influence the grade of steepness and height.

Reservation Minimum
2 People
Language Requirement
Hicks Creek Facility

38100 W Glenn Highway, Glacier View, AK 99674 *Mile 96

May 25 – September 20, 2021
age Limit
AGES 12 -65
Min. Size/Weight/Height
100 Lbs, and 5 Ft. 2 Inches
Max. Size/Weight/Height
250 Lbs, and 6 Ft. 6 Inches, Girth 50 Inches
Min. Shoe Size
5 US Men/ 7 US Women

(to fit our provided boots and gear properly.)

Check-in Time
9:00am and 2:30pm

Approximately 4+ Hours on the ice and 5+ Hours Total. Average


Groups of 10 or more people recieve (10+) Discount of 10% off. Local Alaskans with proof of State issued ID at tour check-in receive a 10% single discount off the individual tour price.

Make it a COMBO: Add a whitewater rafting trip and save $20 per person on your second tour! This glacier tour is located in the same area of Alaska as our ‘Lionshead’ rafting tour, great for same day combos.


Learn something new and let NOVA introduce you to the world of glacier ice climbing. This is an introductory/clinical setting that requires no experience necessary to climb! The Matanuska Glacier is a massive 26-mile long advancing valley glacier located in Chugach Mountains just 100 miles north of Anchorage. It is a gorgeous yet conducive setting to give ice climbing a try. With easily accessible, shallow vertical ice cliffs perfectly suited for introductory ice climbing. This is strictly an introduction and is rudimentary climbing with all lower angle and lower heights of 50+ feet, for beginner to intermediate climbing. The systems are all top anchor set-ups which can take the guides a few minutes to set up. Once the anchors and ropes are in place, guides harness you up and inform you about safety and fundamentals of the sport and then let you climb on! Accessing the glacier’s climbing areas involves a small approach hike from the company vehicle parking lot. This hike travels over the rocky glacial moraine to the white ice. The glacier is alive with unique features coming and going including the climbing walls. With this geology being very active around the glacier its character changes weekly. The guides have to keep up and find features and walls as the glacier molds and melts throughout the season. You never know what you’re going to get to see with this ever evolving, constantly moving marvel of mother nature. Every day and every tour is a little different out on the ice and climbing into the vertical world is a true sensory experience.

This is a great learning opportunity for people to try something new and push their limits in a safe setting with guided instruction, this is just for fun and not official instruction or certificated course. We do not recommend people glacier trek or ice climb without proper guides, experience, supervision and training.

If you want more technical instruction or you’re an experienced private climber wanting something more, please call the main office in advance of your booking and inquire about challenging private tour options with NOVA.

If you are interested in a bigger challenging hike with longer steeper terrain compared to just climbing, check out our “Adventure Trek”. The views and photo opportunities are spectacular as well. Our 1:4 guide to guest ratio means everyone gets plenty of opportunity. NOVA provides all the required equipment for this high adventure clinic. All glacier gear including hiking boots, ice crampons, helmets, ice axes, harnesses, climbing rope and hardware is supplied by our guides. We recommend bringing along a small pack for storing jackets, snacks, sunglasses, cameras etc.


38100 W Glenn Highway, Glacier View, AK 99674

Located 96 miles north of Anchorage, this is the staging area for all Matanuska glacier and river trips.

 Tour Highlights
  • A great introduction clinic to beginner ice-climbing.
  • Backdrop of the Magnificent Matanuska Glacier Ice-Falls.
  • Learn to scale vertical ice in the warm summer months.
  • Small hike to get to the climbing areas.
  • Personal hands on instruction.
  • Glacier climbing is unique with its super dense ice.
  • NOVA is an advocate and steward for keeping wild places in Alaska wild. Please follow responsible travel and ‘leave no trace’ ethics when visiting these amazing places.
  • NOVA tours operate regardless of most weather conditions, we go rain or shine in Alaska.
    Glaciers and weather can sometimes be cold in Alaska. Please, dress appropriately or bring along a raincoat with warm synthetic layers and socks for your tour comfort. Cotton layers are not preferred in cold environments or when wet.
  • NOVA does not offer any tours that travel through or under ice caves in the warm summer months.
  • Glaciers are very active in summer and caves are unsafe and should be avoided for potential cave collapse. Caves are not always present or accessible and should only be approached with caution, preferably in winter when they are the most stable.
  • Once you are traveling on the glacier, restroom breaks are difficult to accommodate so please consider facilities pre-trip.
Inherent Risks

There are inherent risks associated with glacier travel and outdoor activities that everyone must accept and understand. Variable terrain, sharp rocks, slippery ice, and changing weather are common. Some safety hazards will always exist and are beyond human control. Such as major cleaving and shifting, falling ceracs, open crevasses and draining moulins can be dangerous and deadly. Rescue in these environments and features is not only technical and difficult but in some cases not possible at all. Safety standards are in place for these reasons and must be followed. Guides manage risk by interpreting terrain and recognizing hazards that average hikers and guests are unaware of. Many traveling on the ice have a false sense of security because of the friendly inviting nature of the glacier and its moraines. Individuals traveling on the glacier without guides should possess the proper knowledge, experience, and equipment.

**All participants on all our tours must follow our guidelines, procedures and sign a waiver. Only parents or legal guardians may sign for youth minors. We do not allow infants on our tours. We do not allow pets on our tours.

You may preview or pre-sign our waiver document, by clicking here.

COvid-19 Update

Please bring your personal face mask for tour office check-in and vehicle transport. We do require Social Distancing to the best of your groups ability, when possible. Try to build reservations and bookings as one household to minimize exposure, if possible. Consent may be gained or required to mix with other non-household members during tours unless PRIVATE tour is booked. For more questions contact our office.

*You are not required to wear your mask during the trip on the Glacier.

Matankuska Ice

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