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Helicopter Glacier Tours

Two of Alaska’s premier adventure companies have teamed up for an amazing opportunity to offer some of the highest quality outdoor experiences in the great state of Alaska. This collaboration involves guided tours with helicopter access out to the immense recreational landscape of the Knik Glacier and Lake George areas. Located just north from Anchorage near the small town of Butte, AK. Outbound Heli and Nova Alaska Guides conduct these world class trips flying out to the glacier daily. The tours are high levels of adventure and can also be multi-sport trips with all different types of crafts to explore this gem of Alaska. Ice climbing, glacier hiking, glacier paddle boarding, iceberg pack rafting, mountain hiking and even rappelling! can all be done via helicopter flight access. See the scale of Alaska from up above and fly into your Alaskan adventure with Nova Alaska Guides and Outbound Heli Adventures!

Nivel de aventura Dificultad

Ice Climbing: Moderate  •   Glacier Trek: Challenging   •  Paddle Boarding: Moderate  •  Pack Rafting: Moderate  

Recorridos en helicóptero

heli Ice CLIMBING Half day

Recorridos en helicóptero

heli Ice CLIMBING Full day

Recorridos en helicóptero

Heli Glacier Trekking half day

Recorridos en helicóptero

heli Glacier trekking full

Recorridos en helicóptero

Glacial Paddle Boarding

Recorridos en helicóptero

Pack Rafting


Reseñas favorables


Tuvimos una excursión muy agradable e informativa con Mattie y Carson en el glaciar Matanuska. El glaciar era impresionante y se hizo más interesante gracias a la información proporcionada por nuestros guías de Nova. Hacer una excursión guiada al glaciar es sin duda la mejor manera de verlo.

Gregory M. | Fecha del viaje: Julio 2020

Arnie is an ice climbing expert!!!!! We had a wonderful day learning about mud masks, climbing ice walls, repelling on ice walls, drinking glacier water, and hiking through glaciers with Arnie. He is an expert in the field and made sure we were safe – despite all odds. We had an excellent time and he is the best guide ever! Definitely ask for him if you go.

hpj_305 | Trip date: August 2020

¡El mejor de todos! Arnie y Maddie eran más que fantástico, con experiencia, conocimientos y diversión. Nos adentramos en el glaciar más de lo que esperábamos y vimos vistas increíbles, mientras aprendíamos y nos reíamos. Muy recomendable.

Flynn T. | Fecha del viaje: Septiembre 2020