$139 for 2 canyons

$215 for 3 canyons

+ 3%的肯耐区税
2-Canyons: Challenging, 3-Canyons: Extreme

Intense, powerful but predictable rapids requiring precise boat handling in turbulent water. Depending on the character of the river, it may feature large, unavoidable waves and holes or constricted passages demanding fast maneuvers under pressure. Rapids may require “must” moves above dangerous hazards. Risk of injury to swimmers is moderate to high, and water conditions may make self-rescue difficult. Group assistance for rescue is often essential but requires practiced skills. Rapids that are at the lower or upper end of this difficulty range are designated “Class IV-” or “Class IV+” respectively. Suitable for those 12 years old and older to Suitable for those 12 years and older.

NOVA requires all participants to take a supervised practice self-rescue swim before the trip.


激烈、强大但可预测的急流,需要在湍急的水面上精确地操纵船只。根据河流的特点,它可能具有大的、不可避免的波浪和孔洞或狭窄的通道,要求在压力下快速机动。激流可能需要在危险的危险之上进行 "必须 "的动作。游泳者受伤的风险是中度至高度的,而且水的状况可能使自救变得困难。集体协助救援往往是必要的,但需要经过练习的技能。处于这一难度范围的低端或高端的激流被分别指定为 "IV-级 "或 "IV+级"。 适用于12岁以上,身体状况良好,能适应游泳自救的人。这个级别建议给第一次参加的人,以及有经验的人。

NOVA requires all participants to take a supervised practice self-rescue swim before the trip.







Trip Highlights
  • 阿拉斯加最具挑战性的白水之旅,这是由NOVA在40多年前开创的!
  • 美丽的峡谷路段,有大量的划水和亲身参与式白水。
  • 狭窄的路线,陡峭的落差,美丽的水池。
  • 池滴式激流和溪流峡谷的特点。
  • 很适合团队建设和寻求肾上腺素的人。
  • 穿越原始的楚加奇国家森林土地。
  • 不需要经验,但建议有较强的游泳能力。
  • Supervised practice self-rescue swim test.
Trip Description

Six Mile Creek is Alaska’s premier whitewater raft trip, one of the wildest most exhilarating trips in North America, and a NOVA pioneered section that is well known around the world of whitewater. Prepare to get wet as this pristine wild creek runs through three consecutive canyons. Each canyon is more beautiful and more challenging than the last, with tight narrow routes, steep slot drops, crashing waves, and deep beautiful blue pools. It’s an awesome ride all surrounded by lush green rainforest walls. A truly world-class section of whitewater that happens to be half-day accessible and gives a one-of-a-kind Alaskan adventure in just a few hours. This creek cuts right through the gorgeous Chugach National Forest and then pours into the pacific ocean at Turnagain Arm just south of Anchorage. From the creek is a 16-mile drive to the mining town of Hope, AK from the highway junction meeting area. In the town of Hope there are great dining options along with quaint Alaskan charm to explore after your trip. This tour is located two hours south of Anchorage off the Seward Highway. With action-packed adrenaline-pumping rapids set in a serene semi-rain forest gorge, it’s a picture-perfect river trip. NOVA pioneered Six Mile Creek in the 1980s and has constantly led adventures on this famous section of whitewater.

These canyon rapids are defined as ‘pool-drop’ at most water levels. Allowing for the sudden gradient drop or rapid breaks into a calm smaller pool below. When water levels rise these pools become less tame and increase in current between rapids. The first and second canyons have multiple significant Class IV rapids with decent size pools and distance between rapids. Six Mile Creek’s third canyon is where the canyon really changes character. The third canyon is more committing and packed with Class V consecutive rapids. With even more gradient drop and more rapids back-to-back. The pools become smaller and the distance between rapids shortens. This constant and consistent gradient decreasing time between rapids is what elevates the intensity, difficulty and risk for the third canyon.

Both our 2 canyon and 3 canyon raft tours include a mandatory (yet fun) in-river swim test before the start of the tour. This also is to help demystify the experience of being in the moving water and currents, to practice self-rescue, and check everyone’s swimming abilities prior to the trip launch. Guides are able to deny anyone participation in the tour based on their judgment. NOVA was the first in Alaska to incorporate a pre-trip swim test as a safety standard for commercially run class V whitewater. For those adventurous 3rd canyon section rafters, you can choose to enjoy a popular post-rapid celebration swim session after successfully navigating all three of the Six Mile Creek canyons and float down to the take-out to meet the bus for pick up riverside. Six Mile Creek is one of the highest quality and highest adrenaline experiences you can have. NOVA takes pride in being the original rafting company on this legendary section of Alaskan whitewater!

Two Options
We have two different Six Mile Creek rafting options: Both start and end at the same check-in and pick up location.

  1. 两到三小时的两峡谷白水游,主要是四级激流。我们的2个峡谷之旅的最低年龄为12岁。预订了2个峡谷的旅游团可以在2个峡谷之后让青少年下车,并选择继续顺流而下进入第3个峡谷,如果他们到了年龄,并且喜欢小溪,想接受第3个峡谷的挑战。任何在行程中新增的第三条峡谷,都可以在行程结束后支付新的旅游费用。
  2. 三到四个小时的 三峡谷之旅,包括伟大的阿拉斯加州唯一的商业五级激流。这是诺瓦公司提供的最激烈的旅行。我们有一个16岁以上的人参加3个峡谷之旅。
Water Description
What We Provide
  • *高水位的旅行有船载,每艘船有5人或更少的团体。
  • *低水位的旅行有船载,每艘船有4人或更少的团体。
  • 4至5人的团体是这次旅游的理想选择。填满你自己的船!在征得同意的情况下,人数较少的团体可以与其他团体混合乘船。
  • Both tours offer hands-on heavy participation in full paddle-boats or paddle-assist with oars for increased maneuverability and power during higher water levels. 
Cancellation Policy

Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign Nova's trip waiver.

If you are late for your trip there is a chance, we will have to leave without you. If so, we will do our best to reschedule your trip at no additional cost. If you are not interested in rescheduling then missing your trip is considered an absence, resulting in no refund.

This applies to but is not limited to unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected illness or emergencies. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, excellent customer service, and the best guided trips in Alaska. All we ask is that you show up on time for check-in.





Local Alaskans with proof of State issued ID at tour check-in receive a 10% single discount off the individual tour price.

Make it a COMBO: Add a whitewater rafting trip and save 10% off the highest cost trip!. Add a Matanuska Glacier adventure and save 10% off the highest cost trip! **Glacier tours are in a different area of Alaska. Located 4 hours north of Six Mile Creek and 2 hours north of Anchorage at the Matanuska Glacier.

**Discounts only apply to clients participating on both trips


Additional info
  • NOVA是一个倡导者和管理人,以保持阿拉斯加野生地方的野生。在游览这些神奇的地方时,请遵循负责任的旅行和 "不留痕迹 "的道德规范。
  • NOVA旅游的运作不受大多数天气条件的影响,我们在阿拉斯加风雨无阻。
  • 阿拉斯加的水路和天气有时会很冷。请穿上合适的衣服,或带上一些保暖的化纤层和袜子,以保证你的旅行舒适。在寒冷的环境或潮湿的情况下,不建议使用棉质的衣服。
  • 本次旅行所需的所有标准河道装备由NOVA提供,包括pfd(个人漂浮装置)、一双水鞋、河道头盔和全干式潜水服。干式潜水服只是一个防水的外壳,没有保暖功能,请自备保暖舒适的衣服放在干式潜水服下面。
  • 一旦你穿上干式潜水服,休息时间就很难满足,请在出行前考虑好设施。
  • All NOVA River Runners Inc., Six Mile Creek rafting tours are operated under a commercial use permit issued by the Chugach National Forest Service.

The trip meeting and check-in location is at the public rest area parking lot 100 yards down the Hope Road from the junction of the Seward Highway and Hope Road intersection. The public rest parking lot is on the right side of the Hope Road just past the junction. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE THE 16 MILES DOWN TO OUR INFORMATION OFFICE LOCATED IN HOPE, this is an end of the road town where you have to turn back. Stay at the highway junction at the public rest parking lot back where the two highways first merge. This public lot is the meeting area and mobile check-in location for the Six Mile Creek rafting tour. If you are already in the town of Hope, you would then drive the 16 miles back towards the highway junction for your tour check-in.


苏厄德公路和霍普公路交叉口,Hope AK 99605

NOTE: Our Six Mile Creek whitewater trips meet at a public rest area, about 100 meters from the Seward & Hope Hwy intersection, on Hope Road. 1.5 hours south of Anchorage. See map for details.