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Before embarking on your adventure, please review the following info and some of our most frequently asked questions.

Paddle Options

We offer several options for running this river trip. You can choose from:

  • Oar rafts controlled just by a guide allowing guests the opportunity to sight-see and fully enjoy the adventure.
  • Oar rafts that allow guests to paddle-assist. This is ideal for those who want some paddle participation with the guide.
  • Full paddle rafting. This requires all guests to paddle in a guided team effort. Perfect for the adrenaline junkies!

We can also modify the trip experience by using larger or smaller rafts depending on water levels and guest wishes (easy or challenging).

Adventure Level Classifications

NOVA trips are active participation adventures by nature and involve various levels of physical exertion. Some of our trips take place in remote settings where exposure to the elements—including cold water, sun, wind and rain—is a given. Some trips are dependent on your comfort, speed, strength and expectations. Please review the detailed adventure level classifications for all of our tours.

What To Bring for River Trips

Wear long pants, warm socks, with an extra layer on top; Fleece, modern synthetics or wool are preferable to cotton; fleece jackets, sweatshirts and pullovers without hoods, jogging pants, jeans (or jeans with long underwear - remember layers of clothing will help keep you warmer and more comfortable). Our dry-suits are shells that keep you dry only with room to wear warm clothing underneath. All waters in Alaska are cold, please dress warmly even on hot sunny days; NOVA provides everything you need for the river trip including dry-suits to wear over your clothing (these suits have attached latex-socks to keep your socks dry), PFD, river booties, gloves and helmet.

What to Bring for Glacier Adventures

Wear long pants and always bring along your sunglasses, sunscreen, a spare warm jacket or sweater and rain layers. A small daypack for the longer trips with snacks or lunch and water, lightweight gloves and hat. Hiking boots that cover the ankles with stiff soles are recommended if you want to wear your own or use our hiking boots at no additional charge. For all glacier adventures we’ll outfit you with boots, crampons and helmet; also a trekking pole if you desire. For Treks and Ice-climbing NOVA additionally provides all ice-climbing hardware.

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