Kings River: Rafting Combo

Heli or Bike Access

Class III & IV Whitewater

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Kings River: Rafting Combo
Trip Type: Half Day River Rafting Trip
Season: Heli Access: June 10 - Sep 7
Start Time: 8:30 am check-in
Duration: 5 hours
Location: Off Glenn Highway
River Grade: Class III & IV Whitewater
Age Limit: Min. 12 years.
Price: $950 / person
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This trip checks in at our Chickaloon facility, 34146 N. Glenn Highway, Chickaloon, AK 99674. 76 miles from Anchorage on the Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway.


An exciting rafting combo trip that begins with with a helicopter flight-seeing experience!

This back country river trip is usually combined with a helicopter flight to access the put-in. This fly-in and float-out format can be changed to other formats using hiking, biking and camping.

The exciting scenic helicopter flight along the Talkeetna Mountains is our easiest but most expensive ticket to accessing the put-in for this special trip. Other access options have been run, but we're not ready to impliment them yet. We ran our first raft descent of this river in 2003 and it quickly became a favorite of the guides. Imagine a small swift river located in a gorgeous forested mountain valley with a mix of dramatic mountain and canyon walls. Then add an eight mile obstacle course with class III rapids and several very exciting class IV drops over a total distance of twelve miles. A number of necessary stops are made to soak up the beauty and replenish energy. On this river you'll experience more nonstop participatory fun than any day rafting trip in Alaska.

"The trip that you put together on the Chickaloon was a blast. Just wanted to let you know that your guides worked hard to make sure that the run was both memorable and carefree for us clients. I know that the other folks on the trip were equally satisfied with the level of service and attention to detail that NOVA provided. I plan to recommend your outfit to friends. "

Cheers! Lynn Carpenter, Illinois

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River ClassificationsX

So you can better understand the classification of rivers and decide whether it will be suitable for you, we have listed the six classes as provided by the American Whitewater Affiliation, along with our professional opinion and policy for suitability. (Please note: these descriptions and ratings listed for individual rivers, can vary considerably with differing water levels. Please use the ratings as a general guideline only).

Download our waiver here.


Class I

Easy. Fast-moving water with riffles and small waves. Suitable for anyone age 5 and older, including the physically challenged.


Class II

Straightforward rapids with wide, clear channels. Occasional maneuvering may be required, but rocks and medium sized waves are easily avoided. Suitable for same as class I.


Class III

Rapids with moderate, irregular waves which may be difficult to avoid. Large waves and strainers may be present but are easily avoided. Injuries while swimming are rare. Suitable for those who don't mind getting a little wet, otherwise same as class I and II.


Class IV

Intense, powerful but predictable rapids requiring precise boat handling in turbulent water. Depending on the character of the river, it may feature large, unavoidable waves and holes or constricted passagesdemanding fast maneuvers under pressure. risk of injury to swimmers is moderate to high, and water conditions may make self rescue difficult. Suitable for those 12 and older, in good physical condition, and comfortable with the remote prospect of swimming for self rescue. With NOVA's experienced guides, this level is recommended for first-timers as well as those with prior experience.


Class V

Obstructed or very violent rapids which expose a participant to above average endangerment. Drops may contain large, unavoidable waves and holes or steep, conjested chutes with complex, demanding routes. Rapids may continue for long distances between pools, demanding a high level of fitness. Suitable for those who are comfortable with water, able to swim and in good physical condition. NOVA requires all participants to engage in a supervised practice self rescue river swim ( with lifejacket and dry suit, of course) before the trip to help demistyfy the experience. Minimum age 16 years.


Class VI

These runs often exemplify the extremes of difficulty. Experts only! Rescues may be impossible. This class does not represent drops thought to be unrunnable, but may include rapids which are only occasionally run.