About Nova River Runners

NOVA is Alaska's oldest river rafting tour company under original ownership. Since 1975, we have accomplished many firsts in guided adventure travel in Alaska; such as the first whitewater rafting experiences on Alaska rivers. While the sport of river rafting was new and rafts, gear and skills were all starting to evolve worldwide, NOVA helped launch the benefits of traveling Alaska by inflatable crafts on its many rivers. Our early wilderness trips included several first descents and river trips through the newly formed National Parks and Refuges of the state with organizations like National Geographic, Connaissance du la Mode and the National Audubon Society.

NOVA River Runners Inc., Alaska's Guides to Alaska's Rivers

Our name was derived from AVON, a pioneering British raft manufacturer, spelled backward. In the 1970's AVON rafts were the best you could buy.

In 1980, we introduced the first river rescue training to Alaska with Les Bechtel who at that time was affiliated with Natahalla Outdoor Center, and in 1983 we adopted Rescue III's Swiftwater Rescue program and supported its eventual acceptance as the primary accredited training for the industry and public service. Our annual training is offered over Memorial Day weekend every year.

With NOVA, you can expect to experience the Alaska you imagined. Our trips focus on a selection of wilderness, scenic and cultural areas that are not being impacted by industrial tourism. Our goal is to enrich your appreciation of our states wilderness, special places, characters and history while experiencing the fun of active sports on just a few of the many rivers in Alaska.

Visit our affiliate company, River Wrangellers, for rafting and fishing trips in the Copper River Basin.


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